Oct. 13 2022

解惟.解圍 Once within Borders

解惟.解圍 Once   within   Borders




Once Within Borders

Embracing Neiwei through a celebration of the life and arts

Sitting along the former border between Neiwei and the rest of the city is the Neiwei Arts Center. This brand new venue offers diverse interactive experiences across multiple art forms, inviting a new culture that embraces “Art in Life, Life in Art.”  At the Neiwei Arts Center, there are public and aesthetic spaces where parents and children can learn together through arts-based community dialogues, showcases of contemporary and classic films, and artwork treatment and restoration projects. It is here where visitors can find a boundless, barrier-free experience for new forms of art within a space that aims to reach across disciplines, generations, and communities through a “trans-, light-hearted, and fresh” aesthetic.

Entitled “Once Within Borders,” the Neiwei Arts Center inaugural exhibition welcomes a Neiwei now free of the physical separations of the past. Going forward, the Neiwei Arts Center will play a key role in weaving together the local community, forming a new urban and cultural landscape, and inviting open connections. The inaugural exhibition celebrates this role by looking at dialogues past and present, opening cultural spaces, reshaping the public space, and reexamining traces of local history. Centered around three core concepts—“art in dialogue with space,” “art in collaboration with community,” and “design thinking in curation”—this exhibit explores how space can be redefined through art by constructing new shared experiences incorporating various ways of experiencing and participating in art in a way that is connected to the community and integrated into city life.