Nov. 15 2023

親愛的,我在市場有一個舞台 Hi, I have a stage in the market.

Hi, I have a stage in the market.

展覽地點︱內惟藝術中心(地址:高雄市鼓山區馬卡道路 329號)
藝術家程仁珮出生於外省家庭,自小在三民市場走動的她,對於市場並不陌生。 2014 年獲選為文化部法國巴黎駐村期間,以《你的料理,我的食譜》開始以食物為媒介,探討飲食背後的國族、文化、記憶與家庭的關聯。
「親愛的,我在市場有一個舞台」為一個長達半年的藝術計畫,深度採訪 4 組內惟市場攤商:葉文朗先生、林采憶小姐、南小姐與許東榮先生;完成 4 幅作品《甜蜜蜜》、《香噴噴》、《酸溜溜》、《鹹津津》及公開播映紀錄片。展覽名稱源自藝術家對市場、對攤販的抒情想像:擁有個人特色的攤商,在攤位上的么喝、穿著、與買者的說話方式,不就像舞台演出嗎?
1983 年生於臺灣高雄,常以「參與式藝術」進行創作。曾於芬蘭、美國、日本、越南、菲律賓等駐村經驗中,針對各地不同飲食文化提出展演計畫。近年著手於關注在人群移動的軌跡中,飲食文化所融合與發展的新樣態。
★本展源自文化部 112-113 年度博物館及地方文化館升級計畫之本館提案計畫-「市場邊的內惟藝術中心:凝聚社區情感與記憶的教育展示」之單元「藝術家的社區參與計畫」。

Hi, I have a stage in the market.
Supported by: Ministry of Culture and Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government
Organized by: Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts Artist: Cheng Jen Pei
Exhibition Title: Hi, I have a stage in the market.
Exhibition Venue: Neiwei Arts Center (Address: 329 Makadao Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.))

About the Exhibition
To the north of the Neiwei Arts Center, on the other side of the road is the Gushan Third Market, which is the best-known publicly owned market in northern Kaohsiung and locally known as Neiwei Market. It is not only a place where residents around Gushan buy everyday foods, but also the local foodies’ favorite market in Kaohsiung. In this market, you can find a diversity of famous tasty foods to satisfy the appetites of all your family members.
The artist Cheng Jen Pei was born in a family which immigrated to Taiwan from mainland China around the end of World War II. Having been frequenting Sanmin Market since her childhood, Cheng is no stranger to the market. In 2014, she was selected by the Ministry of Culture as an artist in residency in Paris, France. During the period of residency, with the Your Cuisine My Recipe art project, she started to use food as a medium to explore the connections among nation, culture, memory, and family behind food.
Hi, I have a stage in the market is an art project lasting half a year, in which deep interviews were conducted with four vendors in the Neiwei Market: Mr. Yeh Wen-Lang, Ms. Lin Tsai-Yi, Ms. Nan, and Mr. Hsu Tung-Jung. Four works—Sweet, Fragrant, Sour, and Salty—and a documentary for public viewing have been completed. The title of the exhibition originates from
the artist’s lyrical imagination about the market and the vendor: A vendor who hawks goods, wears clothes, and talks to buyers in his/her own style is just like an actor on the stage, isn’t he/she?
About the Artist
Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1983, Cheng Jen Pei usually makes art in the form of participatory art. While being an artist in residency in Finland, the United States, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc., she presented exhibition and performance projects based on different food cultures in different places. In recent years, Cheng has begun to be concerned about the new forms of fusion and development of food cultures in the movement of people.

★ This exhibition originates from the unit of “Community Engagement Projects of the Artists ” in the “ Neiwei Arts Center Beside the Market: Educational Exhibitions Connecting Emotions and Memories of the Communities”—a project proposed by this museum for the Ministry of Culture’s 2023-2024 Upgrading Project for Museums and Local Cultural Institutes.